The Fresh Meat Gallery is continuously looking for people or companies to collaborate with. We are mainly looking to collaborate in terms of representing contemporary art whether it is working with another gallery, a group or organisation.

We are interested in working with all creative types as well as people who want to bring contemporary art into their world. If you have any ideas and you are interested in working with a contemporary pop-up gallery, please get in touch through our contacts page. We are happy to hear from anyone who has a creative idea and passion!

Below are the people we have worked with


We were invited up to Scarborough by ArtQuest for the Art Party Conference 2013. Where we took part in discussions and workshops for the art party fringe by ArtQuest led by Russell Martin. We were joined by Patrick Lowry & Jane Lowry from Back Lane West, Helen Carnac & David Gates from Intelligent Trouble, Richard Parry from ArtQuest, Ellie Harrison founder of Bring Back British Rail and Heather Power the sculptor.

Leicester City Festival

As part of Leicester’s bid for 2017 City of Culture there is a festival celebrating leicester and its Creative Quarter as a part of this celebration we curated an exhibition in the centre of the creative quarter at the LCB Depot Gallery celebrating emerging artists.


LCB Depot

LCB Depot is home to 54 creative workspaces spread over two buildings and linked by an external courtyard. They have three meetings rooms, a public gallery and café bar. They provide a popular events programme that supports the city’s creative businesses through a range of networking opportunities and seminars. We took over their gallery space throughout July and August of 2013.


Cornflake is an established high-end technological company that has chosen to work with FMG to market emerging contemporary work to their clientele. With the aim of exhibiting artwork in a sought after area in London, we are working together to providing their contemporary space with artwork by emerging artists. This new venture is offering artists the chance to exhibit for 3 months.