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Fresh From Sheffield – Geo Law

Geo Law sheffield

Geo Law on the Sheffield art scene. 

Currently the art scene has many facets to it. I concentrate mostly on graphic design, illustration scene and the street art scene.

We have a lot of art festivals here, mostly contemporary art and they are always interesting to go to because you see a lot of people crossing over into each others events, so you end up supporting a lot of the artists.

At S1 Artspace we all go to each others shows to support each other, but also because its intriguing as you have first hand knowledge of the artist and we know them as people as well as creatives.

Sheffields art scene is diverse and I do feel that certain practices cross over. I’ve not really worked alongside any of the artists that are here (S1 Artspace), but I do get interesting feedback from them because of differing opinions and likewise I give out my opinion on their work if is visually intrigues me, or makes me ask questions of it.

To see Geo’s full interview watch the video below

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