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Fresh From Sheffield – Pippa Shaw S1 Artspace

S1 Artspace

Pippa Shaw on the Sheffield art scene. 

S1 has a very unique position in Sheffield, within the cultural horizon. In that it supports a level of artist that are very key to the cultural economy, not necessarily recent graduates but very much in the emerging field.

We work very closely with SHU, we do an educational programme with them and we co-host there degree show.

S1 is a very nurturing environment there is a real community, the studios are pretty much all open plan, which is very much unique within Sheffield. All the studios on the mezzanine level are committed to fine art practice, so there’s a real dialogue that goes on and that’s there everyday. I feel in terms of the studios there’s a real particular ethos that exists at S1.

The gallery programme itself again supports emerging artists largely and is commissioned focused so we really try to provide a pot of money for them to do whatever they want. That’s a really unique thing and it’s really important to S1.

To see Pippa’s full interview watch the video below

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