Alix Poscharsky - ‘The Price of Art or There is no Santa Claus’


Since I started my career as a visual artist, I have continually been making art on “what it means to be an artist”. Because of my own prolonged austerity – no bailout in sight- I made this piece, which captures a ridiculously long and desperate attempt to sell. But in the process it also raises questions about how to put a price on art. With small alterations, all of those sentences have been found on the internet – presumably posted by people, who equally desperately needed to sell.

Selling digital video art is not an easy undertaking. Not being able to make money from my work prevents me from venturing out into work that would accumulate costs for materials, transportation or storage. Many projects had to be shelved because of a lack of funding. What I do invest though, is a lot of time and this is constantly at odds with my need to earn money for a living.