Shona Muro – ‘Arts, Undervalued’

Shona Munro


G.C.S.E’s check, A-levels check, degree triple check. Then What? It’s like you wait in line to open a door and there’s nothing there. So you run to another door at the end of the room and there’s nothing. It’s a great source of endless expectations and lowering of previous ambitions. Not just lack of opportunities is the issue here it’s the build up of rent, art materials and being able to afford to live. What keeps me opening the endless doors is the want, no actually the need to satisfy my questioning of the world. Through art making and being exposed to other peoples creativity there comes a kind of passion. That passion influences my hand to the door knob and before you know it another door, a window to somewhere else.

Another obstacle is getting comfortable in a job that pays for you to live and have a social life. I’ve found it all too easy to make up excuses that I don’t have time but I guess that’s some kind of negative evolution of the dog ate my homework. The lack of opportunity’s in my area does feed this having no time business and admittedly I have snowballed this by letting other things take priority.

Even through my time is now taken up by working more hours to save for traveling this summer to Thailand, I’m still passionate as ever and I’m hoping the traveling experience will ignite some more inspiration. Once I’ve Finished traveling this summer I’m going to fit through a cat flap to get to another room, eventually there’s got to be something great waiting for me.